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Urnex Pakz Coffee Server & Basket Cleaner 20ct

5/20ct Packs
Item #: PAKZ 
Manufacturer: Urnex Brands, Inc.
PAKZ™- Coffee Equipment Cleaner

• Cleans brew-basket and server in one step.
• Tea-paper packets allow brew-in-place use.
• Blue dye ensures proper rinsing.
• NSF certified.

Pakz™ Coffee Equipment Cleaning Packets provide users with a quick and efficient method for cleaning both brewers and servers at the same time. By placing a Pakz™ packet into the brew basket and running a brew cycle over it, the tea paper surrounding the product allows the detergent to flow down into the server beneath. By eliminating the need for the user to measure or dose the cleaning product inside, Pakz™ greatly reduces waste and improves efficiency. Complete with blue indicator dye to ensure proper rinsing.

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