Red Bull Yellow Edition Tropical

24/8.4oz Cans
Item #: YRBULL 
Red Bull Yellow Edition Tropical Energy Drink gives you Wiiings whenever you need them. Red Bull Yellow Edition is a lightly carbonated energy drink with a blend of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, real sugar and water, along with a perfect blend of tropical fruit flavors.* With 160 calories per 12 fl oz can, Red Bull is great for any occasion. While aiming for great heights during your workday, in your workouts or when gaming, why not crack open a refreshing can of Red Bull? Drink Red Bull straight from the can or enjoy in a glass over ice. This 24-pack of Red Bull will keep you stocked for any occasion, whether it’s hanging with friends, watching the game or going on a road trip. Be ready for the big moments with a can of Red Bull. Store these cans of Red Bull at room temperature or toss them in the fridge. Red Bull gives you Wiiings

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Brand Name
Red Bull
Product Type
Energy Drink
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