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City of Saints Decaf Colombian Whole Bean Coffee - 5lb per bag

Item #: COSD
Min. Order Qty: 1
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Olam is among the larger and more diversified of our trading partners, working in virtually every coffee producing country and trading other agricultural commodities such as coca, rice, cotton, and sugar. With this breadth of activity at play, it is not altogether surprising that their blend of mild Colombian coffees from throughout the country would come together so well when decaffeinated utilizing a method nicknamed the “sugar cane” process, which gleans its ingenuity from a healthy base of biodynamic problem solving. In the sugar cane process, the chemical compound of ethyl acetate, which is naturally found in sugar cane, is extracted during the sugar cane’s fermentation. Then, once the coffee beans have been washed and steamed to enlarge their cells, they are bathed in this ethyl acetate solution, which naturally attracts and removes the caffeine. After this has been done, the beans are once again washed and dried and returned to their original moisture content as decaffeinated versions of their former selves.

Tea, Coffee and Cocoa

Serve Type
Whole Bean
Brand Name
City of Saints Coffee Roasters